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Due to COVID-19 most in-person events are being progressively cancelled or postponed, often replaced with virtual online webinars. We are proactively updating our events page as new information comes to hand, including online events designed to replace the in-person events impacted by the pandemic.


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  • Mon

    ONC Working Session: Patient Identity and Matching

    09:30AM - 04:30PM EDTOnline

    Join ONC's final working session on patient identity and patient matching, where Kantara's ED Colin Wallis will present it community consensus on the matter of patient matching and a unique patient identifier around 10.30am.

    ONC invites individuals and organizations to provide input and insight into existing challenges and promising innovations in patient identity and matching.

    This final session will focus on the following key areas: privacy and security, research and evaluation, standards, and innovation. This feedback will inform ONC’s report to Congress on evaluating the effectiveness of technical and operational methods that improve identification of patients.

    ONC is soliciting feedback from all attendees, presentations are not required. Attendees will have the opportunity to submit comments during and after the session to

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