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Due to COVID-19 most in-person events are being progressively cancelled or postponed, often replaced with virtual online webinars. We are proactively updating our events page as new information comes to hand, including online events designed to replace the in-person events impacted by the pandemic.


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Event Information:

  • Thu

    Festival Of Identity

    1:00 pmOnline

    Both commercial and government organisations are constantly finding new ways to onboard their customers, even in challenging circumstances. With over 40% of new customers abandoning the onboarding process after 20 minutes, this panel explores how individuals can be verified in a seamless but secure manner. This session, kindly sponsored by Innovatrics, will cover:

    • Solutions for onboarding new customers remotely.
    • The potential use of biometrics in onboarding.
    • The importance of liveness detection to eliminate the threat of deepfake images, morphing and AI cloning.

    This webinar is sponsored by Innovatrics.

    Kantara's Executive Director, Colin Wallis, is moderating this webinar



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