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  • Tue

    Customer Technology World 2020

    Virtual Event

    Learn how to create a digital business strategy that focuses on your customers.

    An increasingly interconnected world has enabled companies to do business in a more customer-oriented way: Connecting with your customers at a higher frequency and through far more communication channels than ever before has never been so convenient. Take advantage of this profitable development and find out what is of importance for your customers before they even know it themselves.

    Enterprises want to collect, store, and analyze customer data to create additional sales opportunities, increase their brand loyalty and improve service processes. Therefore, companies need to go beyond traditional IAM and are in seek of solutions that support baseline features for customer behavior analysis, data usage consent management, and CRM integration as well as connected devices and marketing automation systems. Customer relationship management focuses on customer connectivity when accessing all customer-facing systems, from registration throughout the entire relationship.

    Understanding your customer’s wishes and requirements and mapping them holistically with customer identity and service management processes is the key to a successful online business.




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