Updated mapping docs. 

April 13th Ben Wilson sent to KI the following docs and information:

TFTM discussed these two weeks ago, and everyone seems to be in accord. 

 the need to include Kantara onboarding in the Statement of Work for the next version of the IDEF Registry web site.  The form that recognition of Kantara-approved CSPs during the IDEF registration process still needs to be decided.  If it can’t be an interactive experience (due to site-development budget issues), I was thinking it could at least be a static presentation in HTML or PDF.  Once we get this going, part of the process would be that Kantara-approved CSPs initiate registration and get a “pass” on the “Fully Compliant” items, then they will attest to the remaining IDEF Baseline criteria.  Finally, they will need to accept the standard terms and conditions and submit a complete package (attestation form).



April 3rd Meeting Notes:  

 Action items:

  Ben will fill in the last remaining empty boxes on the compare tool to complete the mapping.

Colin will use a Kantara MOU template to strawman up the broad approach.

IDESG and KI call to discuss the IDEF-SAC mapping March 10th.

 Meeting Notes: