The information required for a Kantara Initiative Discussion Group or Working Group Project Outline is described below. 

Field NameField contents
Project Name

The name of the project.

Could be very similar to the title of the Publication

Project Description

A brief and simple description of the project objective, rationale for creating the publication, specific entities that will use the publication and related work inside or outside of Kantara.

The Publication synopsis below should contain the publication outline.

Project output type

One of:

  • Draft Recommendation
  • Draft Technical Specification
  • Draft Report
Publication titleThe actual title of the planned publication
Publication synopsisThe 1 paragraph outline of the planned publication purpose and contents. A proposed table of contents may be included after the descriptive paragraph.
Leader(s)The individual(s) who are accountable for production of the project output
Project Landing pageA link to the page that contains all material related to project tracking and publication development
Group linkA link to the Discussion Group or Working Group wiki space
Approval link

A link to the meeting minutes that contain a DG/WG motion to approve project formation and commencement.

The motion might read:

"A motion to approve the formation of the <<Project Name>> Project and commence work towards the development of the <<Project Output Type>> titled <<Publication Title>>."

Publication approval date

The anticipated date of the DG/WG meeting in which first approval of the publication occurs.

Does not include public review periods or IPR review periods.

Project Status

One of:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Archived
Publication Status

One of:

  • Document published
  • In Public review
  • In Development
  • Initiation