Sep 07, 2016

Meeting notes approved: 2016-10-20 Meeting Notes (CR)




Discussion Items

5 minutesAdopt Agenda & MinutesChair

Minutes require quorum of voting members

25 minutesUpdate from editorDavid Turner 
20 minutesReview Parking Lot Items for Consent ReceiptsAllQuorum not achieved. This agenda item deferred.
5 minutesUpdates on Samples for Consent ReceiptsAll

Sample Mode 1 Consent Receipts (Human Readable)

Sample Mode 2 Consent Receipts (JSON files)

5 minutesAgenda for next weekChair 



David Turner Proposed plan

Editing process


Content changes

As we gather and review examples of consent receipts based on the v0.8 spec, my initial editing focus will be on:

  1. Document hygiene. 
  2. Expanding the Introduction (just a little) to give more context. A spec like this is usually created as one element of a larger system. The challenge here is that there is no definition of that system yet for us to reference, so it is necessary to provide some of the explanation in this document. However, to be clear, I'm talking about expanding the explanation, NOT the justification. 


This is the proposed schedule

Current: call for comments on draft spec commences

Sep 19

Close of business (Pacific) deadline for feedback on spec draft including examples and feedback from implementers. 

Oct 20 

Candidate draft to WG. WG to determine whether appropriate to take to IIW for comments and review

Oct. 27

Final working session for WG (with/without IIW comments) on candidate draft

Nov 3

Final draft for WG review

Nov 10

Working group ballot - must be approved by WG on Nov 10th

Nov 15th

Send doc to the Leadership Council. They must approve it by Nov 30.

Dec 1

Kantara all member ballot begins.

Jan 15

Spec approval

Next Week

David Turner will produce something to review (draft outline perhaps)

Parking Lot items if quorum

?? Digital Catapult report 

Action Items