TFS Monthly Sync – Draft Meeting Notes

Wednesday, August 10, 2016




Andrew Hughes, KI LC Chair

Colin Wallis, KI

Ken Crowl, Experian

Kevin Morooney, Incommon

Richard Wilsher, Zygma

Andrew Hatter, AYIN

Vlad Umansky, Athenahealth

Ann West, Incommon

Paul Caskey, Incommon

Nandini Diamond, GSA/FICAM

Ruth Puente, KI



KI IAWG Update



Incommon Update



In relation to FICAM, some attendees raised the following issues:



Nandini Diamond, FICAM/GSA, provided her email ( for those who want to reach out FICAM team with recommendations or questions, and she will inform LaChelle LeVan and Chi Hickey accordingly.