Conformance Plan Test Materials

Following are links to the conformance test plan materials contributed by Cordny Nederkoorn as part of the UMA validation bounty program. The final versions of these documents were submitted as of 12 Dec 2010. Ultimately the UMA WG may turn these contributed materials into UMA "working drafts".


Test plan

The test plan is available for viewing and downloading. Following is the introduction from the plan:

This document describes the UMA Validation Conformance Test Plan which contains the test strategy, a description of the testmethod, testcases and other testdeliverables necessary for testing the conformance and interoperability by implementations, against the protocol's testable assertions, with the use of a hosted validator of UMA.

Since the specification documents to date are incomplete, the tester will develop a draft Test Plan, highlighting where more information is needed from the UMA-WG in the future.

Test cases

The documents containing test cases for step 1, step 2, and step 3 of the UMA core protocol are available for viewing and downloading. Following is a partial sample of a test case from step 1:

Step1Substep1Branch1 Happy flow

IF ''” is the AM's domain in hostmeta doc.

AND hostmeta document consists of elements as given in User-Managed Access (UMA) 1.0 Core Protocol

THEN host create URL (ex.: '''')

AND host submits GET-request (Format, see Hammer-Lahav, E.v) on URL

Conformance issues

The document summarizing conformance issues is available for viewing and downloading. (An additional issue noted by Cordny separately is: "Whether Claims 2.0 support is required (step 2)".) The goal is for the UMA WG to work through these issues in sharpening the UMA specifications for better conformance and interoperability.