Information Sharing GROUP Teleconference

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  1. Attendance
  2. Approval of Prior Minutes
  3. Prior Action Item Review
  4. New Business
  5. Standard Information Sharing Agreements
  6. Action Item Review


1. Attendance

We noted that 4 people on the call were voting members and that the group met quorum on this call.

2. Motions
  1. Judi moved, unanimous consent to ratify Feb 7 minutes.
3. Prior Action Item Review
3. New Business
5. Information Sharing Agreements

Link to our collaborative mindmap diagram - let us know if you'd like to participate

From Judi's email:

  1. Applicable law is based on NDA work, explicit to transaction.
  2. Need to specify parties, esp when we get into trust framework, DNS.
  3. Luk re European ecosystem framework: When companies register in an ecosystem, they list what data is required. Then is within individual level to determine willingness to operate under those terms. Trust negotiation process. Ecosystem represents user, with room for user negotiation. US works differently now; no blanket trust. Ecosystem is like first barrier, providers can only ask for needed data. Joe: service providers may make first offer. Judi: ecosystem gives context to first offer. Luk: service provider needs certain data to provide services. Joe: flow that we're looking at is: users willing to do business under master agreement, services are available under that agreement. Luk: like a best practice service. Joe: our master agreement has no data attached to it.
  4. Consideration: what does each party get, and what do they give? Audit trail, monitoring will help establish, work with trust framework.
  5. intent to be bound: shown by being active part of the framework, using contracts with others. Luk: contractual agreement, digital signatures (end users have software that can digitally sign), authentication of users. Depending on type of services, different level of authentication (they have 4 levels). Joe: we can use identity framework for specific levels of assurance (we're outsourcing this).
  6. "ownership" of data is a bad model (from law perspective), it's about use and control. Access (can view) and usage (can use) are different concepts re: who gets to see what, when, why. Some data is available on service request, other granted on a more permanent basis (e.g., to employer for as long as you work with them).

Is about bootstrapping from this agreement, not from "ownership" perspective. Luk: example: diploma is issued by school, we have rights to disclose.

Mindmap updated to reflect this discussion. Master Agreement is helping to define our ecosystem.

6. Action Items Review

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