Kantara Consumer Identity WG Teleconference

Date and Time


Bob Pinheiro, Robert Pinheiro Consulting (voting)
Mark Dixon, Sun Microsystems/Oracle Corporation (non-voting)
Colin Soutar, CSC (non-voting)
Tom Smedinghoff (non-voting)
Dervla O'Reilly, Kantara Initiative (non-voting)


Trent Adams, Internet Society (voting)

Quorum not met.


  1. Discuss possibilities for working with the US government's Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) project on consumer identity issues. 
  2. Discuss feasibility of WG receiving outside funding to support WG activities.
  3. Review Consumer Identity Topics of Interest that resulted from survey of participants conducted last October.
  4. WG elections
  5. AOB


  1. Discussed possibilities for working with the US government's Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) initiative on consumer identity issues.  Although ICAM is initially focused on low assurance (Level of Assurance 1) applications, the Consumer Identity WG is focused on high assurance digital identities for consumers.  Bob reported that he reached out to colleagues in several related organizations (GSA, NIH, American Bankers Assn., FS-ISAC) to get a sense of their interest in high assurance digital identities for consumers, and to determine whether any related work is being pursued.  One proposed initiative, called the Collaborative High Assurance Credentialing Initiative (CHACI), calls for the formation of a consortium within the financial services industry to provide high assurance (LoA-3) digital credentials to banking customers.  However, this initiative is contingent upon the government providing some level of funding to support the effort.  Since this funding hasn't yet materialized, CHACI is currently "on hold."  But there is interest among these entities in high asurance consumer identities, and one suggested activity for the Consumer Identity WG would be to provide a better understanding of "what it would take to get high assurance digital identities into the hands of consumers."  After further discussion on this WG call, it was decided that the WG could perhaps pursue this goal by better defining just what is meant by a "high assurance" digital identity for consumers.  This would include a better understanding of the benefits that could accrue if consumers were in possession of high assurance identity credentials, as well as the issues affecting their adoption.  Such issues would include usability by consumers, authentication form factors (tokens, smart cards, cell phones, etc), policy considerations, and others.  A call will be scheduled for next Tuesday February 9 for continued discussion of this.
  2. Discussed feasibility of WG receiving outside funding to support WG activities.  It was unclear if Kantara has a policy on this, or how individual WGs can solicit and receive funding for WG activities. For funding directly from Kantara, requests should be sent to the Leadership Council, then to the Trustees. This is related to the larger problem of obtaining resources to pursue WG activities.  Are there sufficient numbers of volunteers to do the work?  Active participation has been very low.  Does Kantara have access to resources such as reports from the Gartner Group and others?  If not, how can the WG obtain funding/resources to support its work?
  3. Review Consumer Identity Topics of Interest
    These topics were identified as a result of a survey conducted last October among WG participants.  There is synergy between these topics and the general question of understanding high assurance consumer identity needs.
  4. It was suggested that future teleconference calls be moved one hour later to prevent conflicts with other WG calls.  There were no objections raised, so future calls will be held at 9 AM PT, 12 Noon ET, 5 PM UK.
  5. WG elections
    Following the recent nomination poll for Chair of the Consumer Identity WG, Bob Pinheiro of Robert Pinheiro Consulting was the only person nominated to act as Chair. There were no nominations for other officers.  The Kantara rules say that if there is only one nomination per position, there is no need to hold an election,  and that nominee is automatically appointed. Therefore Bob Pinheiro is appointed as Chair of the Consumer Identity WG.

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