Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance WG Teleconference

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  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes approval: IAWG Meeting Minutes 2013-05-16IAWG Meeting Minutes 2013-05-30IAWG Meeting Minutes 2013-06-06
    4. Action Item Review
    5. Staff reports and updates
    6. LC reports and updates
    7. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews or #kantara)
  2. Discussion
    1. Alignment with SP 800-63 - Discussion
  3. AOB
  4. Adjourn


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As of 7 June 2013, quorum is 5 of 8

Call not quorate






Notes & Minutes


Minutes Approval

Call not quorate, no approval motions.

Action Item Review

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Staff Updates

LC Updates
Participant updates


Alignment with SP 800-63 - Discussion



Action Items

Item #DescriptionAssigned toEst. CompletionStatus

Review RGW 800-63-2 vs KI IAF mapping documents and provide feedback

  • (2013-Jun-20): Minimal comments and feedback received from IAWG by email; last chance for IAWG comments on the 2 documents Tuesday 25 June 2013
All20 June 2013In progress
2013-06-06-005IAWG-NIST F2F in DC area to discuss approach and feedback on 800-63 v IAF analysis approachStaff / IAWG LeadsTBDNot started

Chair to discuss with Exec. Director the need for a Content Management System analysis and potential tool for IAF/SAC & funding options

  • (2013-Jun-20): Discussion occurred; vision has been always to have a CMS - possibly a database with online self-serve document generation capability (in whichever output format is needed); team will be needed to draw up a wireframe and requirements for a custom developed tool
Myisha20 June 2013In progress
2013-06-13-002Glossary updates underway. Next draft should be available in 4 weeksKen Dagg11 July 2013In Progress


Recently Closed Action Items

Item #DescriptionAssigned toEst. CompletionStatus
2013-06-06-001Review and provide feedback on Govt. Canada guideline. IAWG will collect and send a consolidated version.All13 June 2013Complete - Closed
2013-06-06-003Review and provide feed back to Myisha on Relying Party Guidelines call for participationAll13 June 2013Complete - Closed
2013-06-06-004Send in event information to Staff for updating the community calendar and Upcoming EventsAllInfo onlyInfo-Closed





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