(1) DISCUSSION GROUP NAME: Object Identity Discussion Group (OI DG)

(2) DISCUSSION TOPIC/PURPOSE/MOTIVATION: Please provide a clear statement of the topic, purpose, and/or motivation for requesting the formation of this DG.

Object IdM addresses the handling of identities of things (IDoT), goods and objects. The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to evolve and early solutions are now being implemented. In the context of IoT, some Object Identities are managed with proprietary solutions or niche standards that have not been mapped to each other nor interoperate. As a consequence, there is no overall framework how recognize or manage identities across different solutions.

The purpose of the Object IdM DG is to start the evolution of an overarching Identity Framework for the IoT. 

Specifically, the group seeks to produce informed Reports which would include recommendations to adopt, build upon and reuse, where possible, existing infrastructure, standards and best practices.  The group will also seek to identify gaps in coverage where a requirements document may be needed. For example the possible reuse of core concepts from person Identity and Non Person Entities (NPEs) where it may apply to the identities of things.

The discussion group intends to deliver the following:

•             Deliver “Landscape document” / State-of-the-art analysis of the current Object IdM approaches

•             Describe the Object IdM problem with exemplary use-cases

•             Submit article proposal to IEEE about identities in the internet of things

•             Prepare the foundation for a working group to develop an Object IdM Framework for the IDoT, in support of IoT broader landscape

(3) LEADERSHIP: Proposed DG Chair subject to confirmation by a vote of the DG Participants.

(4) AUDIENCE: Anticipated Participants in this DG.

This group is expected to involve participants from multiple sectors, including Health Care, Government, and Telecommunications.

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Kantara Initiative IPR Policy - Option Patent and Copyright (RAND)

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