Kantara FIWG Teleconference 

Date and Time




  1. Administrative - roll call :  Minutes from Feb. 7th; Election of Officers
  2. Federated Interop patterns
  3. Kantara meta-data publishing.
  4. AOB


1. Administrative - roll call
2. Federated Interop Patterns

no updates

3.  Kantara Trust Registry

John: ARB presentation: Kantara Trust Registry -> SAML MD service -> Kantara will have a machine readable way about people who are certified. This is not an operational MD service. The question is, how would that migrate into operational MD. This should answer questions like why would I trust a FO certified at a specific level. Will need some kind of convention for entity attributes. Operation MD may exist in multiple data, e.g. for Verizon. Kantara is doing a Certification listing, OIX is doing MD aggregation.

4. AOB

Who will be at EIC in Munich? Allan and Rainer won’t. Colin, John, Joni will be.


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