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The chat log is up for our third UMA Twitter chat! Details of the UMA chats are at

The purpose of the UMA Work Group (charter) is to develop specs that let an individual control the authorization of data sharing and service access made between online services on the individual's behalf, and to facilitate interoperable implementations of the specs. Read the spec, join the group, get involved!

Follow us on Twitter – our handle is @UMAWG and we often use the hashtag #UMAWG. (Short link for this page is – spread the word.) Find us on Facebook too.


  • May 10: By acclamation, the UMA Work Group approved Maciej Machulak for another vice-chair term. Thanks and congrats to Maciej!
  • May 2: Belatedly, here is the slide deck from our February 28 Tech Talk at Google's Mountain View campus. It discusses how the Street Identity project would become even more attractive if it were UMA-enabled. Check it out! And stay tuned for video of the Tech Talk.
  • April 25: The chat log is up for our third UMA Twitter chat! Details of the UMA chats are at
  • April 21: The UMA Trust Model has been newly revised. Read it to understand how operators of UMA-enabled services must collaborate to provide truly "user-managed access" (short link – spread the word).
  • April 20: Learn about the new open-source UMA library for hosts and requesters, Puma, at the SMART team blog!
  • April 15: The UMA FAQ (short link – spread the word) is starting to collect material in languages other than English. Thanks to Domenico Catalano, we now have an UMA introduction in Italian.

  • Chair: Eve Maler
  • Vice-Chair: Maciej Machulak
  • Full leadership team list
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