The Standard Information Sharing Label is a clear, consistent way for companies to tell us how they use the data we share.

Current Draft

This is the fourth (working) draft of the proposed specification.

ISWG Standard Information Sharing Label.Draft Report.v.0.4.pdf

Changes of note: Removed “Record”, added Version information, alphabetized the glossary, removed requirement for a particular icon. (Also changed PDF file name versioning format.)

This is a working draft under active discussion in our weekly calls. The Label is not yet ready for active use.

Prior Drafts

ISWG.Standard Information Sharing Label.Draft Report.v0.3.pdf 

Notable changes: We added updated key terms to be more specific and added "tooltip" descriptions. Not yet complete in that work.


ISWG.Standard Information Sharing Label.Draft Report.v0.2.pdf

ISWG.Standard Information Sharing Label.Draft Report.v0.1.pdf

Design Explorations

Label Design Exploration – A list of different design treatments of the standard label.