Kantara eGov Working Group Teleconference

Date and Time


Bob Sunday, Govt. of Canada

Rainer Hoerbe

Keith Über, Ubisecure Solutions

Sal d'Agostino

Meeting Notes

1) Roll call for Quorum determination

Quorum not reached.

2) eGov Membership Status


3) Review and approve December meeting draft minutes (attendees)

4) Status of eGov-WG for Kantara F2F Munich April 2012

- Rainer proposes to discuss SLO topic for Munich

5) Update: Collaboration on Profile Management: REFEDS SAML2int, a subset" of Kantara eGov SAML2.0 implementation profile.

Bob mentions that they they are currently testing 2 implementions. Covers detailed test plans with a semi-automated approach; test-idp and test-RP set up with test points to watch what is passing through. Tests are finer grained than typical Kantara test cases. Shared initial version last June.

Two (2) RFPs have been awarded for

  1. A Credential Broker Service (to be delivered by SecureKey)#* this CBS will initially broker credentials from Canadian banks thru SAML interfaces (first 3 banks are using SAML);#* the CBS is being built using Shibboleth
  2.  A Govt of Canada Branded Credential Service (GCBCS, to be delivered by 2Keys)#* this will provide a credential service for those who choose to not use their commercial credentials#* this is being built using ForgeRock's OpenAM;

Each of these is expected to handle several million credentials. The GC Canada Revenue Agency also has a SAML based credential service implemented with CA Siteminder and handling about a million credentials.

6) Work Item 2: SLO (including Global Idle Timeout) use case/requirements update  (Rainer and Keith)

Keith reports that a concept using isPassive-requests is in the works; will create a wiki page; needs to be tested with relevant implementations;

7) Work Item 3: Attributes WG update

Quick update from Sal

Report shall be out in a month; Expecting output from OIX and SCIM;

Position of eGov to Attributes – Canada is considering to be an attribute provider, if possible within the privacy legislation; 

Keith mentioned that a Brussels lawyer has carried out a legal analysis on data protection issues in eduGAIN. The analysis was based on the current data protection directive (95/46/EC) and the eduGAIN data protection good practice profile.

Legal analysis on data protection issues in eduGAIN:


Sal mentioned ABA’s meeting in D.C. , the link is here: [http://apps.americanbar.org/dch/committee.cfm?com=CL320041|http://apps.americanbar.org/dch/committee.cfm?com=CL320041]

Next Monthly Meeting: