UMA F2F 2010-11-01

Date and Time


Let's meet 11am-1pm, then do a working lunch (order in pizza?), then finish with a long afternoon stretch.


  1. Fletcher, George
  2. Hardjono, Thomas
  3. Machulak, Maciej
  4. Maler, Eve
  5. Moren, Lukasz

Non-voting participants:


New AI summary


Roll call

Quorum not reached.

Approve minutes of 2010-10-28 meeting

Deferred due to lack of quorum.

Action item review

Bounty program status

Two indications of submission interest have been sent in so far. The deadline for submission interest is 11:59pm Pacific time tonight.

Other updates from the wider UMA world


Brief "UMA 101" session as necessary for newbies in the room

We reviewed the UMA three-step flow, the differences between requesters and requesting parties, different sharing models (person-to-*), and the spec modules.

User stories: add, review, prioritize, decide


Resource/scope registration: go through latest proposal and issues and decide


Next Meetings