Kantara Identity & Access Services Teleconference

July 6, 2010


Gavin Illingworth, Bank of Montreal (voting)
John Tolbert, The Boeing Company (voting)
Dervla O'Reilly, Kantara Initiative (non-voting)
Joni Brennan, Kantara Inititiative (non-voting)
Satish (observer)




  1. Review April 27 minutes & June 6 minutes
  2. Review results election
  3. Call for other use cases from members
    - If you have a project in progress where you can draw on AuthZ-related use cases, it’s a win for you and the WG  
  4. Develop a plan to put AuthZ use cases into context of deliverables
    - We need to begin thinking about how IAS-WG can add value to the AuthZ topic, esp. considering that other groups’ mandates touch on it as well 
  5. Review IAS-WG participation in AuthZ workgroup at Catalyst
  6. Smart Card Alliance - pre-conference workshop


1. Confirm April 27 minutes & June 6 minutes

Quorum was not met, we could not approve April 27 & June 8 minutes.  Table for next meeting.

2. Review results election

John Tolbert and Gavin Illingworth were successfully nominated as co-Chairs for the IASWG.  Notification went out to the community as well as: blog, tweet, LinkedIn and Facebook posts.

3. Call for use cases from members

Dervla to reach out ot IAWG & Concordia DG to raise awareness and gather feedback on use case submissions and reference materials .
Develop authorization frameworks from Burton Catalyst and integrate old authorization use case plus new use cases and show how they work together.

4. Develop a plan to put AuthZ use cases into context of deliverables.

IAS WG will reach out to Concordia DG and Identity Assurance WG to gather more feedback on use cases already developed and potentially add some additional use cases for IAS WG to consider.  This will raise awareness and broaden the scope of the feedback and audience of IAS WG.
John will review the Survey results and use cases and post a one-slide deck to review prior to Burton Catalyst. 
John to review the overview slides from RSA as a reference.  Make sure to include goals, beneftis of the IAS WG.

5. Review IAS WG participation in AuthZ workgroup at Catalyst

Collaborating with IA WG and Concordia DG will help ensure IAS WGhave content and materials in place for Burton Catalyst workshop July 27, 12:30-2:30pm.

5. Smart Card Alliance - pre conference workshop

The IAS WG is interested to collaborate with IA, P3 & HIA WGs for a potential pre-conference workshop at the Smart Card Alliance event November 16-19  in D.C. (present something that bridges with claims, authorization).
John will post survey results and create one slide - use

Next Meeting

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