Kantara Identity & Access Services Teleconference

June 8, 2010


Gavin Illingworth, Bank of Montreal (voting)
Nishant Kaushik, Oracle (voting)
John Tolbert, The Boeing Company (voting)
Alan Walsh, Indiana University (voting)
Dervla O'Reilly, Kantara Initiative (non-voting)
Joni Brennan, Kantara Inititiative (non-voting)




  1. Confirm April 27 minutes
  2. Review the rest of John Tolbert’s use cases that he went over during the April 27 conf call
  3. Leadership for WG


1. Confirm April 27 minutes

Quorum was not met, we could not approve April 27 minutes.  Table for next meeting.

2. Review rest of John Tolbert's use cases

ACTION100608-01: John to prepare the following use cases for Burton Catalyst workshop July 27, 12:30-2:30pm:
1) First use case: Median application and database it owns.
2) Second use case: Stand Alone Application (ERP).

3. Leadership for WG 

ACTION100608-02: Dervla to send a nomination ballot to the list serve noting that John and Gavin are willing to be considered as co-chairs leading the group.  The co-chair role makes leading easier when sharing duties.

Next Meeting

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