Kantara Consumer Identity WG Teleconference

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Continue discussion towards defining a proposal for WG funding.  Our ultimate goal is to help understand the requirements and criteria for deployment of an identity infrastructure that can support the needs of consumers.  Three components of such an infrastructure are:  

Perhaps most importantly, whether such an infrastructure comes into being seems to depend on:

The trust frameworks (Kantara IAF and Open Identity Exchange (OIX) ICAM TF ) defined so far are geared to supporting the specific needs of US government RPs.  The is because the US government has stated its requirements for trust frameworks that enable the use of open identity technologies for access to government services under the government's Open Identity Initiative.  

However, a trust framework is ultimately useful only if the identity assertions from IdPs to RPs support the identification / authentication needs of specific RPs.  Since these needs may be different for non-government RPs, other "trust communities" of relevance to consumers might also need to exist.  Such trust communities might include financial services, healthcare services, and personal data or information-sharing services, for instance. 

With these things in mind, a funded WG project might focus on one or more of the following:

This encompasses a wide range of possible activities.  I'd like to discuss these with the WG to help determine priorities and viability in terms of resources that might be needed to accomplish these goals, as well as who might be potential funders.  As I've previously said, I'm making the assumption that most, if not all, of the work involved with such a project would be performed by entities that would receive funding, and that WG members would act mainly as overseers and reviewers who might also be able to contribute their own insights where appropriate.


Because only one other participant showed up, discussion was deferred to a later time. 

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