Based on the results of the survey that was taken of WG participant's interest in consumer identity topics, I've summarized these topics, and added (in italics) some additional comments and possibilities.  Additional comments and suggestions are needed from WG participants to expand on these topics.

We already have a draft set of use cases for consumer identity.  Mashing the existing use cases against these additional topics of interest will help to further define and guide the WG's output.

The WG's final output will only be as good as the contributions made by individual volunteer WG participants.  If you are a WG participant, please consider adding your own comments, suggestions, etc., to this list.  You can either do that below, or you can just post them to the Consumer Identity WG mailing list (

1. Strong Authentication Methods

2. Privacy

3. Business Value of a Consumer Identity

Let’s assume we’re actually referring here to a consumer’s “digital identity.” We’ll use Wikipedia’s definition of “digital identity” as referring to “the aspect of digital technology that is concerned with the mediation of people's experience of their own identity and the identity of other people and things. Digital identity also has another common usage as the digital representation of a set of claims made by one digital subject about itself or another digital subject.” 

A consumer digital identity refers to a digital identity used by a consumer; ie, an individual seeking to obtain goods or services online.

3.1 Value of a consumer’s digital identity to a Service Provider / Relying Party

3.2 Value of a consumer’s digital identity to the Consumer

3.3 Value of a consumer’s digital identity to the Identity Provider

3.4 Business case for providing stronger protection of consumer identity (js)

4. “Form Factor” Technologies

5. Usability Issues