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Date and Time

Date: 2nd, November, 2009

Time: 9 PDT | 12 EDT | 5pm UK

Iain Henderson (voting)
Mark Lizar (voting)
Joe Andrieu (voting)
Henrik Beiring (voting)
Colin Soutar (observer)


Eve Maler


Colin asked - is there an oversee-ing body for governance aspects of the scenario?

Iain - we should assume that the scenario operate within confines of local legislation; in this case we are working with a UK scenario, but the intention would be to be aware of global implications and country by country distinctions. We can achieve that because the requirements of user-driven information sharing are likely to reside well above the lesser demands of even the most stringent local regulation as we currently see it.

How to list requirements - the group discussed at what point we should start to list our requirements; Iain and Joe proposed that we are ready to do that any time now, and will look at formats we could use on the wiki (possibly as per UMA group requirements template)

1. Quorum and Voting
Having completed the process of allowing the group to self-describe as Voting or Observers, we noted that the 4 of the 5 people on the call were voting members and that the group had quorum on this call.

2. Previous Meeting Notes
Having quorum in place, the group agreed to ratify the meeting notes from 26th October 09.

3. Car Buying Scenario
The group continued to work through the main car buying scenario, focusing on section 7s and 8 on the buyer side (Relationship Development). The concluding state of this work is shown below, and its development will continue on the next call.

7. Relationship Development
In response to her change of address, Chryota also notifies Sally, via her dashboard, that there is a new local dealer who might be more convenient. Sally does some quick research on the "new" dealer, who has a good trust rating and good comments from users. Sally accepts Chryota's recommendation and provisions the new dealer for access to her car's service and data record. Upon provisioning, Sally receives a welcome message from the new dealer with a brief outline of additional services now available (they weren't offered by her old dealer).

At the appropriate schedule, Sally's "digital dashboard" at her personal datastore provider reminds her of her maintenance appointments. She confirms the appointment online and drives in to the dealer and gets a ride back to work. Sally gets an SMS notifying her that the dealer has proposed work to be done. She logs into the digital dashboard and sees that the dealer has suggested--in addition to the planned maintenance - tire replacement because of a manufacturer warning. She does a quick search online about the notice, and decides she against it. The underinflation warning from the manufacturer is valid, but the community discussion groups (and the manufacturer) agree that most vehicles don't need to replace the tires if the vehicle is less than two years old. She informs the dealer to continue with just the scheduled maintenance. The vehicle assessment, her online research, and a record of all work done is stored in her personal datastore.

Over the course of using her vehicle and getting it serviced, Sally learns about the Road Warrior program that the manufacturer offers to help customers who take frequent Roadtrips. She had heard about this on one of her favorite TV shows and it came up in her Twitter feed recently. She visits the manufactuer's website and signs up, pointing them to her personal datastore, and provisioning a variety of services for specific, limited acces to her driving data. This information is shared under the Kantara Information Sharing Agreement.

She authorizes anonymized use of her usage data for civic planning and road maintenance.

Provisioning Terms for Civic Planning and Road Maintenance:

Data set
Driving data
Space-time travel (location & time while driving)

  1. Passengers
    Type of car (Make, Model, Year)
    License Term
    License Term (duration): 1 year
    Use: civic planning and road maintenance
    immediate use
    No propagation other than exceptional circumstances as defined in the KISA.
    "Anonymized" needs further definition

She also provisions the manufacturer for access to her "roadtrip" travel dates and in-car location information for use by the Road Warrior Program. And she requests "speed trap" notifications, construction alerts, amber alerts, and emergency alerts. Finally, she approves identified use for smart offers from her list of approved suppliers when she's in their neighborhood.

Sally's unique ID in her driver's key logs her into the Road Warrior system when she drives. As she travels, occasional relevant notices appear on the dashboard interface. Sally also has the pleasure of knowing her usage data is being smartly utilized in an anonymous fashion to help manage and develop the roadways.

7d. Personal RFP integrated into GPS
On her way home from a customer visit, Sally asks the Road Warrior Negotiator interface to find her a good spot to fill up the tank. The system analyzes her route and sends out a personal RFP to those stations within 1000 feet (1/5 mile). Those online respond with a customized bid for gas. For those not online, the Road Warrior system responds with their known pricing data where does this data come from today&. She picks one and a visit to that station is calculated into her route.

How does she pay and/or identify herself to the station, if at all?
On her drive, she stops and gets the gas...

Another: husband has different road warrior preferences and doesn't want to be notified of the stuff she has.

8. Manage Problems

8a. Problem with the Engine (2nd opinion)
Engine malfunction. Service co. says it isn't covered by warranty. Sally sends diagnostics and vehicle maintenance history for a second opinion. Her expert points out that this is a common problem (with that engine) and identifies the intermediate repair in her history that actually reset the warranty to another 3 years, so the current repair /is/ under warranty.

8b. Sally asks her online communities (her friends) if any of them have hasd simiilar problems, sharing a excerpt from the maintenanc record and the report from the expert.

8c. A representative from Chryota, monitoring the public boards, sees the problem, takes a look at Sally's maintenance history – which was already provisioned for their access – and contacts both Sally and the service provider, clarifying it is still under manufacturers warranty.

Next Meeting

9th November 2009

Time: 9am PDT | 12.00 EDT | 4pm UK time, 5pm CET


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