Kantara ULX Group Teleconference

Date and Time


  1. Ed Heeb
  2. Ashish Jain
  3. Nate Klingenstein
  4. John Bradley
  5. Trent Adams
  6. Mary Ruddy
  7. Michael Graves
  8. Scott Cantor



  1. Introductions
  2. Use case #1
  3. General observations
  4. Meeting frequency


Charter and scope issues

This issue came up early, and dominated the call. The basic problem is the question of provider discovery. For a sign in where 3,000 educational institutions should all be equals, how does that get presented to the user? We talked about the possible offloading of that question as "out of scope" for ULX, but most agreed it couldn't be put outside the perimeter. We then looked at the possibility of very simple, "egalitarian" machinery, like a text box that the user identifies their account provider through http://stanford.edu or http://yahoo.com, etc. Again, most agreed this was likely inadequate as retail users would simply not understand what to provide and how to provide it. So that major question remains unsolved, and will need to be taken up next week.

Division of labor for the work on "browser only" and "desktop bits" high-level workflows for users.

Mike made a good effort to solicit some cycles, and volunteered to host/spearhead a "browser only sandbox" at JanRain, for our part, but the crew wasn't unwilling, but said they wanted to pursue clarity on scope/charter issues before we got to building scaffolds for prototypes and test harnesses.

Next Meeting