Kantara Consumer Identity WG Teleconference

Date and Time




  1. Results of email participant survey on preferred participation in the WG
  2. Voting versus non-voting status
  3. WG Outputs, Use Cases, etc
  4. (?) Open Identity for Open Government Initiative - implications for consumer identity
  5. Path forward
  6. AOB


1. Email participant survey

Responses were received from four WG participants.  Of the four, two indicated willingness to review documents that others create, as well as attend teleconferences.  One response suggested the WG should take a somewhat different direction, and one was willing to assist with creation of the WG deliverables/whitepapers as currently defined. 

We discussed why the response was so low.  A number of explanations were offered, including:

We discussed possible ways to achieve greater participation.  One suggestion was to send out a list of those areas of interest discussed on the call, and solicit other possible areas of interest from participants.

2. Areas of interest

Those on the call were asked about their areas of interest regarding consumer identity.  Several areas of interest were raised:

We agreed that it would make sense to solicit input from the other WG participants to find out where their interests lie.  We agreed that, whatever interests WG participants may have regarding consumer identity, sufficient expertise in those areas must be available in order for the WG to produce useful output.

3. Action items

Bob will send out an email to the mailing list requesting that participants provide feedback regarding their areas of interest pertaining to consumer identity.

Next Meeting

No call was scheduled.