One of the principal tenets of Kantara Initiative (KI) is to keep the process open to everyone.  To do so, the email discussion lists for each Work Group (WG) and Discussion Group (DG) can be read by everyone, whether a KI Member, Participant of the Group, or just an interested party.  The list archives are available online and anyone can subscribe to the specific distributions.

When joining a WG or DG, you will be required to agree to the Group's Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy by completing a Group Participation Agreement for that Group.  Upon submission, your request will be validated by KI staff, and you will be added to the Group's discussion List.  As a Participant of the Group you will be able to post to the List.

If you are not a Participant of a Group you may Subscribe to the Group List but you will not be permitted to post to the List.  This limitation is applied in order to protect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the Group Participants. 


(1) Applicability:

This policy serves to address the usage, administration, and management of Kantara Initiative Board of Directors (BoD), Leadership Council (LC), Work Group (WG) and Discussion Group (DG) email discussion list

(2) Definitions:

Whenever a term defined below is capitalized, it is used as defined.  If the word of phrase does not have leading capital letters, then it is to be interpreted within the context of the specific text.  A capitalized term not defined below is used as defined in the Organization Bylaws.

(3) Joining a Group

(4) Joining a Group Discussion List

(5) Board of Directors and Leadership Council Lists

This policy was approved by the Leadership Council on July 15, 2009, and by the Board of Trustees on July 16, 2009. 'Board of Trustees' was changed to 'Board of Directors' on September 13, 2016