UMA telecon 2021-09-23

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Privacy as Expected




Peter: Is Alec L working on this?

Steve: Analysis of Okta OSS implementations: "Delegate" and "Managed Access"

Eve/Nancy: UMA Legal and business Business-legal Framework and Use Cases

Nancy: PP2pi (Protecting Privacy to Promote Interoperability Workgroup)

  • Eve: Convert the legal use cases doc and publish; demote out of date related stuff; cleaning up legal-type topics on WG wiki

Need an analysis of the PP2pi use cases

Ref Sovrin whitepaper:

Delegation: lots of nuance : see UMA Legal role slides

Eve: World of RUFADAA: Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Access Act

Sal: that is what we are working on in ANCR and the associated record that is created when RO starts discovery on first contact

Eve; We should use these secondary sources as we develop glossary, as well as how the use cases align (or don't) to UMA use cases.

Future UMA mtg: Need a discussion on document development: methods. GDocs/etc. is problematic

  • Peter: Maybe Kantara's github?
  • Use markdown?

Ontario's Digital Identity Program

Link to document:

Eve: proposing topic on defining "delegation" and associate 

Future mtg: ANCR records update, probably 30min; maybe two or three weeks out


11:27 AM


As of October 26, 2020, quorum is 5 of 9. (Michael, Domenico, Peter, Sal, Thomas, Andi, Alec, Eve, Steve)


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