Voting Participants: Ken Dagg, Martin Smith, Mark Hapner, Mark King

Non-voting participants: Roger Quint, Jimmy Jung, Tim Reiniger

Staff: Kay Chopard, Lynzie Adams

Proposed Agenda


  1. Roll call, determination of quorum
  2. Agenda confirmation
  3. Minutes approval - 2021-09-02 DRAFT Minutes
  4. Staff reports and updates
  5. LC reports and updates
  6. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews)


a.    Decision to comment on NZ document.

b.    Finalize UK comments.  

 Any Other Business and Next Meeting Date

Meeting notes 

Administrative Items:

The meeting was called to order at about 1:05PM (US Eastern). Roll was called. The meeting was quorate.

Minutes approval:  Mark King noted a correction in the acronym APPG and it was corrected. Mark King moved approval of the draft Minutes of the IAWG meeting of Sept 2. Martin Smith seconded. The minutes, with the correction, were approved unanimously.

Staff reports and Updates:

Kay will present at the EIC pre-conference workshop on Monday, September 13 at 3am EST to highlight Kantara. The event is hybrid this year if people want to attend.

Kay and Lynzie meet with Phil (GSA) again tomorrow. The items from last week will be addressed in the meeting and a more in-depth update can be provided at the next IAWG meeting. 

No specific updates on the UK or NZ. There are meeting set up but nothing is finalized. Kay and Lynzie were on a call with Australia this morning. They are looking for some type of reciprocal certification that would prevent service providers from having to certify in various nations. Kay will be meeting with the tech person in coming weeks and will know more after that meeting. NZ remains quiet and unresponsive but Kay will continue to try and make contact. Mark King shared an article he'd recently seen about Australia working with Accenture. Kay requested if anything further is learned to please share and she'll inquire with the Australia tech person to learn more. 

LC reports and Updates:

Ken reported that the LC meets next week and he will have more to report after that meeting.


NZ Decision:

Ken asked the group if they would like to submit comments to these questions to the New Zealand government. The group agreed to a submission. 

Mark King sent three comments and one question to New Zealand. The question pertained to the Treaty of Waitangi and the need to rephrase it to not be a barrier to trade. He suggested that Kantara might be more interested in the consent issues around the fraud area - more of the consent area than identification. He believes the Consent group should have a look at this beyond just what IAWG has to say.

Mark King also raised issue with FA 7.05 that states "the FP MUST not provide credential subject information with higher levels of assurance than than requested by the Relying Party, without the consent of the holder." He's worried it might cause problems, might have to do with the economics of the system. Something odd going on, but not an assurance issue - other than than the question about the levels. It's an extra complicating factor they have in there that could have quite significant ramification and seems to be glossed over. Martin suggested asking for more detail. 

Ken believes there are some areas that the IAWG can chime in, not on specifics, but generalities and make comments on our expertise as a group. It will not be a lengthy, technical set of comments, but based on our experience. 

Martin discussed with Ken about the possible value of of having some form of standard text to respond to these inquiries. It allows us to portray a consistent message and ensure we do not contradict ourselves. This will be discussed further at the next meeting when we discuss the NZ comments. Ken will take editorship to draft some comments in preparation for next week's meeting. 

Roger asked about the strategy in responding to these requests. Ken and Martin made it clear that our purpose is to alert them if we see anything that seems to be against what everyone else is doing. The group is looking to alert the federation of any potential inoperability and/or other issues. 

UK Response:

Ken's drafted response to the questions was shared with the group and each individual question was reviewed with an opportunity for question, comment, or concern. It was agreed upon to use gentler wording in some responses but the general context of the responses remained in tact. Ken captured any revisions discussed by the group and will edit the original draft for submission. To promote Kantara and show high-level Kantara approval, the response will be submitted with Kay's name as the contact. 

Other Business:

The next IAWG meeting will be Thursday, September 16 at 1pm EST to discuss NZ comments and the notion of a standard text for submissions. Ken will work on a draft prior to the meeting. 

Ken adjourned the meeting around 2:00pm EST.