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Present & Discuss comment for ISO 27560 WD1 
Present 1.2 and inputs for 1.2  - 29184 Notice Controls
Discuss what is needed for 1.3

1. Scope
- the structure of inputs and use the comments and the updates
-  the consent record information structure and how its used to create a record
- the minimum notice receipt as a conformance tool  (was MVCR)  
- 1.3 with the updates - and new appendix items - for use with v2.0 work in the future 
- Additions: 

2. Appendices 
-  Consent record information structure - for explicit consent type as the maximum info structure and usable for summer project
- ISO to GDPR - showing why additional fields -
-  GDPR DPV v0.1
- Notifications for active and dynamic state capture with notice receipts

3. Plan
- Complete work on NR 1.2 by  1st of July
- Complete work on NR 1.3 (or 1.2 Appendix for full structure)  by 8th of July and submit ISI WG  9th July 
- ISO Comments to BoT Liaison by 10th


Action items