Key Input of Notice Requirements: 

The organization should provide notice in a machine-readable format so that the software responsible for presenting it to the PII principal can parse it to optimize the user interface and help PII principals make decisions

Mark Lizar to draft initial text from the 29184 inputs for lifecycle of Notice and to show work/logic and reference for draft (below)

Notification Inputs


Situations, when the PII principal is subject of being impacted, are when:

a) they change the nature of the service for which PII was collected;

Consent Notification Inputs

b) provide notice of the change and  seek the PII principal’s consent to those changes include, but are not limited to:

Notification Language

  1. Control

  2. 581  The organization should provide the notice digitally and in the language according to the PII principal's

  3. 582  preference if the service is expected to be used by PII principals from different language speaking

  4. 583  populations and multiple languages were identified per 5.1.3.