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IntentcastingThe intent casting project now looks like there will be a report to explain the concept on the way to creating the standard.
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10 min.DemoIain Henderson


Showed how demand-side can drive the supply side in using pro-offered intentions


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Mary is asking for Iain to tell the group how the group can help him, what are his expectations of the group.

What other pieces of work can it work with? 

Lisa LeVasseur Mentioned IEEE 7012 work and relationships, a question was posed as to whether the direction is a spec or a standard. Is this a proof of concept, who will pay what's the business model. More proto-types. 

Use-case and videos of the different implementation 

How do we get more Me's involved to build awareness of individuals being able to use the offer

Mary Hodder builds on companies already working towards developing solutions with examples. Like the Honey site and offer.  Question: what happens to all the data people share once a company like Honey have it. How do people maintain control of outside sharing (i.e. Notice and Consent) data at rest and data in motion?

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