Voting participants: Ken Dagg, Martin Smith, Mark Hapner, Richard Wilsher

Non-voting participants: Roger Quint 

Staff: Colin Wallis, Ruth Puente

Quorum: 4 of 7. There was quorum


  1. Administration:
    1. Roll Call
    2. Agenda Confirmation
    3. Minutes Approval 2019-08-15 DRAFT Meeting Minutes
    4. Action Item Review: action item list
    5. Staff reports and updates -  Keeping up with Kantara August 2019 and Director's Corner 
    6. LC reports and updates
    7. Call for Tweet-worthy items to feed (@KantaraNews or #Kantara10)
  2. Discussion

a. Approve KIAF-1050 Glossary and Overview v0.7.0 for publication as KIAF-1050 v1.0 (Attached)
b. First draft of comments on PCTF Privacy Component (Attached). PCTF Privacy Component Overview & Conformance Profile.
c. Criteria Guidance (Any participant suggestions for adding or enhancing guidance for understanding assessment criteria).
3. Any Other Business

August 15th Draft Minutes Approval 

Motion: To approve 2019-08-15 Meeting Minutes

Moved: Martin. Seconded: Richard. Unanimous approval. 


Approve revised KIAF-1050 Glossary and Overview 

Motion: To approve KIAF-1050 Glossary and Overview 

Moved: Richard. Seconded: Martin. Unanimous approval. 

Draft of comments on PCTF Privacy Component. PCTF Privacy Component Overview & Conformance Profile