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  1. Call to order
    1. Roll Call & Determination of quorum status
    2. Agenda bashing
    3. Kantara Organization updates 
  2. WG Motions
  3. Discussion 
  4. Upcoming conferences and events
  5. All Other Business (AOB)
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Quorum Status

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Voting participants

Participant roster (CMS) - Quorum is 4 of 6 as of 2018-04-02

(Voting status: Corné van Rooij, Jim Pasquale, Andrew Hughes, Tony Fish, Pushpalanka Jayawardhana, John Wunderlich)

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5 min
  • Call to order
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Organization updates

5 minWG Motions
Quorum required 

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5 min




Peter Davis, CPO Airside Mobile

  • Mobile passport issuer - have integrated consent receipts into workflows for data release
    • Have extended the consent receipt
10 minUpdate on IIW October 22-25, 2018Andrew, Jim, Ken
  • Ken and Andrew ran a session on 'As a person, what questions should you have when asked to agree to anything on the web?'
    • ((ACH to post IIW Notes here))
    • Microsoft TUX initiative (notes to come)
    • SOUPS - usable privacy symposium
    • An infrastructure is needed to support solid consent management practices
    • Noted that Microsoft uses consent for data release
    • Interesting use cases described by company Point 93 - for retailer support solution
  • Andrew ran the consent receipt demo - had a small number of very engaged people
  • Jim - lots of products emerging at IIW, less theoretical
    • Lots of focus on web interface and corporate
    • We need to shift the conversation to include the individual

FYIDiscussion on document draftingAll

The draft is in a Google doc - feel free to comment - Chairs and Editor will control acceptance of material.

  • Progress is stalled - need to rethink our approach
  • Andrew describe his new mindmap analysis of consent management
    • Peter notes that the mindmap resembles the challenges that they faced when designing their app
    • A big issue presenting the information to the person in simple ways
    • Jim - include thinking about how people could track their digital exhaust
      • Axciom became LiveRamp - they presented their 'Privacy Chain' product at IIW
    • Peter - the Kantara consent receipt captures the end result of the agreement, does not cover situations where there is negotiation

  • This analysis seems useful

Reminders from prior meetings:

  • Set a deadline for our work - EIC Munich in May
  • Corné will start with 2 streams: BP-1 (Consent Definition) and BP-2 (Privacy Notice)
    • Looking for writing partners to build content
FYIDiscussion on the Interview QuestionsAll

The first draft of the interview questions is in a Google doc - please comment.

5 minUpcoming conferences and eventsAndrew

Events that Kantara will have an active role:

5 minAOBChair


Next WG meeting Wednesday, November 14, 2018 10:00 Eastern Standard Time / 14:00 BST (NOTE DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME SHIFT THIS WEEK)

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