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IAWG TrackTaskSubtaskCommentsRichard WilsherBjörn SjöholmAndrew HughesCathy TiltonKen DaggScott ShorterRich Furr
IAF GlobalizationTracking international frameworksISO/IEC, EU eIDAS, ITU.T, IETF, etc.21
IAF GlobalizationTracking national frameworksFICAM / NIST 800-63 refresh, UK IDAP, NZ RealMe, NSTIC, Estonia, etc1433
Future of Identity AssuranceTracking current developmentsIETF Vectors of Trust3
Future of Identity AssuranceTracking current developmentsKantara IRM and the Laws of Identity Relationships3
Future of Identity AssuranceTracking current developmentsNIST 800-63 Refresh RFI2114
Future of Identity AssuranceAttributes Assurance and MetadataE.g. Attribute Based Access Control, Attribute Verification and Assurance, ABC4Trust Iniative345
Future of Identity AssuranceIAF refinementDevelop common control objectives for identity assurance frameworks22
Future of Identity AssuranceIAF refinementIdentity Proofing Standardization3425
IAF MaintenanceDevelop active review and update cycleFrom RGW "including optimizing criteria?"2251
IAF MaintenanceAdd privacy considerations to SACFrom RGW "modular and discreetly added"52224
IAF MaintenanceDefine Relying Party Obligations541
IAF MaintenanceReview and refine glossary52
IAF MaintenanceDefine SAC for component service providers based on IAWG spreadsheetSuggested by Rich Furr1