The Adventure begins:

Preface: This document is highlighting areas around consent and consenting to either acquiring or accessing digital assets in the form of personal data. Bringing forward both common and universal practices for obtaining consent and giving guidance on giving consent.

It has long been thought and somewhat agreed to in principle consent in the digital age is now not possible given the dynamic of this nonmaterial asset called data. However, this couldn't be further than the truth and with the introduction of the GDPR now in enforcement with more laws and regulatory pressures eminently mounting in both getting Consent and giving Consent are front and center as yet another new shiny object in the current environment of Survalliace Capitalization.

Throughout the world now, every individual globally. Whether an individual is using a digital device or not, encountering every day more and more, this digital exhaust and crumbs about us we leave behind.
How this happens currently is acerbated by the very means of how personal data is both collected, used and stored, without any real understandable notice, terms, safeguards, or permission other than the obligatory terms of use and conditions — written in some legal cryptographic language the average individual can't understand. In short, we all want what we want when we want it and hit the agree to button to get where we want.
At the same time, many if not all agree to obtain consent shouldn't get in the way of the user experience or journey.

So, the question becomes how did we get to where we are, how can it be overcome and by what means. Enter in consent and permission to the paradigmatics of today's sophisticated digital data collection as a means to tame the methods in the extraordinary amounts and volumes an individual creates every day collected by various interests about us. Suddenly we lose the representation of who we are in the digital world or at least an inability to express who we are on our terms. In essences without consent.

Examining today's means and the processes of collecting data today somehow the industry in an attempt to be self-serving put the cart before the horse. And while it might be the attributions to the way the web just plain old works, the point of the matter is it's just plain wrong, regardless of whether the individual and their data are a product to be harvested or not.
The potential of allowing people to do more with their data, by giving them agency will drive innovation to the likes we've never seen. If in no other area like AI as the extreme example. The possibilities become endless for AI solution when rich, deep, wide, secure making it private data, is available to Data Scientist and share with their algorithms through consent. Applications will become smarter, solutions more accessible to the masses bring a new level of civility to all of humanity as the opportunity to understand people and cultures becomes fast and more accessible.
When the power of permission is given to the individual sharing either to or from the institutions with the individuals' control, more creative solutions will emerge by sharing personal data through consent or at the very least permitting its use.