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Status of Minutes


Approved at: 2019-12-12 Meeting notes (CR) DRAFT




  • Robert Lapes
  • Colin Wallis
  • Chris Cooper
  • Tom Jones
  • David Turner

Quorum Status

Meeting was quorate

Voting participants

Participant Roster (2016) - Quorum is 5 of 8 as of 2017-08-24

Iain Henderson, Mary Hodder, Harri Honko, MarkLizar, Jim Pasquale, John Wunderlich, Andrew Hughes, Rupert Graves

Discussion Items

4 mins
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
1 min
  • Organization updates

Please review these blogs offline for current status on Kantara and all the DG/WG:

5 minDiscuss 'sprint' process diagramAll

 What is left to do for v1.1?

  • Sprint 6
    • The remaining issues
    • Looking to the end of October for completion of a stable draft

10 minDiscuss work backlog priorities for CR v1.1David not present

Github Issues:

30 minDraft of publication synopsis for new WGAndrew

The purpose of the Consent Management Solutions – Best Current Practices publication is to establish an open standard of good practice for the management of an individual’s consent to process their personal data in electronic systems. The publication describes the practices used by leading organizations to manage the full lifecycle of an individual’s consent to process their personal data. 

((Andrew is late finalizing the drafts for circulation))


  • There is a new wiki page that will hold all the known implementations of Consent Receipts
    • Includes a space to describe how the implementation uses the Kantara CR spec
  • General discussion about the implementations listing page