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  • Draft Meeting Notes 16 Feb 2017
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Kantara FIWG Teleconference 

Draft for Editing

Date and Time

  • Date: 16, Feb 2017
  • Time: 12:00 PT |15:00 ET


    • John Bradley
    • Nick Roy
    • Scott Cantor
    • Eric Goodman
    • Keith Wessel

  • Regrets


 Roll Call
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1 Profile

2 SAML2Int/Deployment profile

Keith Wessel presented

I’m chairing the InCommon Deployment Profile Working Group, and we need some input and assistance from this group on a few items. I’m hoping that this group can add these to call agendas.

First, we’ve developed a list of requirement-like items for deployers [1]. They’re not worded as formal requirements yet, but they’re grouped by whether we think they fit into saml2int or another profile, possibly InCommon-specific. For the ones that we recommend for saml2int, we’d like to work with this group to discuss their addition as the profile’s updated.

Before we do that, though, we have two areas for which we’ve written no requirements yet and that need further discussion [2]. Specifically, we believe there may be specific requirements for XML encryption and for identifiers. These are both some rather complex topics, obviously, and we feel that effective requirements need to be hashed out with a broader audience than the InCommon DPWG. We’d like to suggest bringing each of these topics to separate working sessions of this group with the appropriate subject matter experts on the calls.

Since the work of this group and the DPWG are going in similar directions, and since we need your help, a few of us are going to start attending this group’s calls. Hoping we can work together on this.

We discussed encryption.

More conversations to follow.

On identifiers.

 Call ended at 66 min.

  • Jordan (Protiviti)
  • Mat Tebo
  • Mike Jones
  • Nate Klingenstein
  • Peter Alterman

  • Joni

  • Rainer Hoerbe
  • Walter Hoehn
  • Colin Wallis
  • Nick Roy
  • Walter Forbes Hoehn
  • Rainer Hoerbe
  • Walter Hoehn
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