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January 05, 2017

Status of Minutes

Approved at 2017-01-12 Meeting Notes (CR)





  • David Turner 
  • Colin Wallis


Quorum Status

Meeting was quorate.



Voting participants

Participant Roster (2016) - Quorum is 4 of 7 as of 2016-10-06

Iain Henderson, Mary Hodder, Harri Honko, Mark Lizar, Jim Pasquale, John Wunderlich, Andrew Hughes

Discussion Items


10 mins
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Meeting minutes approval
Andrew Hughes


  • "Move to approve listed meeting notes previously circulated"
    • Motion: Jim P.
    • Second: Mark
    • Discussion: None.
    • Result: Motion carried.
5 minDavid Turner
  • Public review and IPR claims period starts <soon>
30 minDiscussion on what's next on the roadmapAll
  • (From December 1 2016 meeting)
  • The list of subject areas that will be worked on:
    • Consent Receipt
      • There will be CR spec errata that will need to be fixed
      • A v1.1 will be required within 6 months after feedback from implementers
    • User Submitted Terms
      • Use case library and elaboration of use cases
      • UX design
      • Model contract language to support each feature of the UST elements
    • Requirements for API / Interfaces for CR and UST artifacts
    • Requirements (text) for implementers of Consent receipt generators (code)
    • Requirements (text) for Consent receipt 'viewer' (code)
    • Information Sharing Agreements
      • Architecture and model (text and diagrams)
      • Requirements (text)
        • Business requirements
          • Functional requirements
          • Non-functional requirements
      • Specifications (text)
    • Build a Kantara prototype implementation of a consent receipt management system

New discussion 2016-01-05:

  • has made adjustments to their approach - consent based versus permissioned access model (to be discussed on a future call)
  • The group discussed the draft mindmap of potential future org structures for this WG and also reviewed the current work list for 2017
  • The WG leadership team will review and refine before sharing with the broader list
5 minDiscussion about changing the CIS WG structure after CR v1.0Andrew Hughes