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  • 2016-12-14 Meeting Minutes
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Representation NameAttended
Connected Life Innovation Groups
IRMWG1stSalvatore D'Agostino (LC Secretary)No
IRMWG2ndBill NelsonNo
UMAWG1stEve MalerYes
UMAWG2ndMaciej MachulakNo

John Wunderlich


CISWG Mark Lizar (LC Vice-Chair)Yes
CISWG Mary HodderNo
IDoTDG Ingo FrieseNo
BSCDG Thomas Hardjono


BSCDG Eve MalerYes
DIDProDG1stIan GlazerNo
DIDProDG2ndSarah SquireNo
Trust Services Interoperability Groups
IAWG1stKen Dagg


IAWG2ndAndrew Hughes (LC Chair)Yes
HIAWG1stNON-VOTING 2016-09-07-

Rainer Hoerbe

eGovWG2ndKeith UberNo

John Bradley


FIWG2ndWalter Forbes HoehnNo
OTTOWG1stMichael SchwartzYes
OTTOWG2ndJanusz UlanowskiNo
Kantara-Colin WallisYes
Virtual-Shannon Taylor, Megan CannonYes

Agenda and Meeting Notes

TopicDesired Outcome
Meeting Administration
Roll CallRoll call was taken, quorum was not achieved.
Agenda Confirmation

The agenda was reviewed with no additional topics to be covered.

Organizational Updates
Executive Director and Staff Report

December Director's Corner available, detailing the activities in full.

Highlights from Colin/Shannon:

  • All the events Colin spoke at our attended are detailed in the above mentioned Director's Corner.
  • Tiger Teams (Mission, Membership, Activities) started in November.
  • A Member satisfaction survey was issued last week, please take a few moments to complete it.
  • Watch for details on a Face-to-Face meeting being held on Feb 16 during RSA.
LC Chair Report
  • Working with Board of Directors strategic planning teams to improve alignment of WG/DG work to Kantara Initiative as an organization. 
    • Designing a 'portal' structure for people to access Kantara material.
    • Creating a pipeline that leads some (not all) of the WG to set up new conformity assessment programs
    • Creating a pipeline that supports new technology communities to join Kantara and get operational support
New Business
WG/DG Updates

Administrative Reminders/Requests

  • Time for annual review of charters and leadership elections if required.
  • Please try to create a 2017 Roadmap that describes your anticipated work areas, Reports/Recommendations, big events on the horizon. Quarterly estimated milestones would be excellent if possible.


  • Interesting guest speaker on today's call, good call turnout; Ian Young who authored the MDQ standard. Ian has provided feedback on their experiences rolling out MDQ, reasons for design choices etc.
  • Group is stuck on defining schema; real use cases will help move this along.
  • Slow this month due to the holidays.
  • Bulk of work is falling on Gluu.


  • The WG's draft V2.0 specs are at Core rev 09 and Resource Reg rev 02 (stable for a week or so now). We anticipate technical stability sometime in January, with a WG vote to proceed to Public Review thereafter and a request for LC certification and Member Balloting to follow in the usual fashion if all goes well.
  • Planning in progress for 2.0 release.
  • The Legal subgroup has continued to refine its mission statement and work on compliance-concept mapping and use case collection. We are working to contract with an external legal expert to do this work in a structured and concise fashion, so as to set up our toolkit development work (targeting GDPR first) for success in 2017.


  • The BSC is "supposed" to finish up their work January 5 but that is unlikely.
  • Key brainstorm on the last call which was an idea to craft from some areas that are differentiated from each other to work on setting forth the requirement for distributed ledger technologies and other key technologies. Further discussion needed in 2017 amongst the Leadership Council.


  • Awaiting the release of public comments on NIST document 800-63v3. IAWG is thinking about the impact on the IAF and will dig into the details when the document is released. The group will work with approved CSPs to address any issues.
  • Assessing a mapping that IDESG has done related to the requirements to the Kantara Service Assessment Criteria.
  • Contract to revise the descriptive text prefacing the Service Assessment Criteria of the Kantara Identity Assurance Framework is progressing.


  • V1.0 specification is getting closer to a WG vote.
  • The group has been discussing how to allow more flexibility with the types of projects and specific types of artificats that contributors are interested in submitting.

eGov WG

  • Discussing an idea to map a common set of requirements for their 2017 project; could be some joint work with IDESG.
Launching New WG/DG'sNothing reported.
Long-running Topics
Action Items Review

Please take a moment to review the list of action items and do your best to take action.

Colin noted that there was a question on the action item list regarding the policy for GitHub; at this time there is not a Kantara wide-policy on using GitHub. However, Colin has an email in to Andrew regarding this policy.

Contributor IPR

Draft available for consideration as a replacement for all new WGs and DGs, for the 3 IPR options we have now. Needs LC and Legal review if extra clauses should be added into the new one to reflect aspects of our IPR options; Creative Commons (typically for copyright), Apache (typically for code), RF opt out to RAND (typically for specs). See it on this page:

Working Drafts

ACTION: LC review the working drafts and provide comments.

Tips and Tricks

Continued conversation on group and conversation management tips and recommendations.

  • Seeking a tutorial on how to use github to do collaborative document editing
Kantara Policy Audit 
2017 Project FundingReminder that all funding requests were due several months ago. At the very latest requests must be in by the first of February for Board consideration.
Document repo/Publications Library 
AOBOpen discussion