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Thorsten Niebuhr tniebuhr (at) wedacon (dot) netCEST
George Dobbs   
Stu Lincoln   
Cathrine Schulten   
Andrew Hughes  PST/PDT (UTC -8h / -7h)


Current working document

The link goes to the current working document in 'Suggest' mode - you can suggest changes to the body, add comments and see all suggested changes and comments. From time to time the BoK sub-group goes through the suggestions and comments to incorporate them into the document body.

Mail List Archives


  File Modified
JPEG File IDPro_BOK_2016-04.jpg Nov 14, 2016 by Andrew Hughes
JPEG File IDPro_notional_components.jpg Nov 16, 2016 by Andrew Hughes
PDF File BoK Diagram.pdf As discussed on call: the 'dart board' model of the ID Pro taxonomy Nov 28, 2016 by Andrew Hughes
JPEG File DOC-20161205-174219.jpg Dec 12, 2016 by Andrew Hughes
Microsoft Powerpoint 97 Slideshow IDPro_Taxonomy_with_Template.ppt May 02, 2017 by Thorsten Niebuhr

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  1. Summary from pre-Subgroup Discussions


    - one of the hallmarks for a professionalized group of practitioners

    - By February, we should have level 1-2 of a taxonomy/ BoK /Knowledge Domains sketched

    - 5th important item from the survery

    - Define the audience (Concentrating on IDPro, future IDPro, Business Executives)

    - should start with a glossary

    - must be practical

    - should provide common jargon

    - could use already available terminology standards (ISO, eg 24760-1 or 29100), although this is sometimes not what is used 'in the wild'

    - several approaches already mentioned

    - Andrew has uploaded a first draft which was developed/ discussed ar 2016 IIWW



  2. For the Glossary, I recommend that we decide on viable approaches to create one before we jump in and start writing.