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  • 2016-10-20 Meeting Notes (CR)
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Oct 20, 2016

Meeting notes approved at 2017-01-05 Meeting Notes (CR)






Quorum Status

Meeting achieved quorum.



Voting participants

Participant Roster (2016) - Quorum is 4 of 7 as of 2016-10-06

Iain Henderson, Mary Hodder, Harri Honko, Mark Lizar, Jim Pasquale, John Wunderlich, Andrew Hughes


Discussion Items

10 mins
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing
  • Minutes approval
Andrew Hughes
5 min
  • Funding requests to LC/Board
Andrew Hughes
  • This is the time of year to submit funding requests to LC and Board
  • John W.
    • The CR Reader tool is needed
      • A web page script?
      • node.js ? Angular ?
      • A mobile app?
      • Other?
      • Add in some UX to the display
    • Q: Can we create a viewer that is also a conformance test?
    • A: possibly
    • A: Keeping a viewer distinct from a conformance test tool (Rule of interoperability: "Be strict in what you send and generous in what you accept")
    • ACTION: John W. to draft a proposal for discussion
  • Mark
    • Also Purpose Lists
    • Also Guidance Text
    • ACTION: Mark to draft some proposal text for discussion
25 minDavid Turner
  • David has come to terms with the term "Human Readable" - "in a form that can be naturally or easily read by a person" (dictionary)
  • "Machine Readable" doesn't work - it should be "Other Encodings"
  • Goal this week to make the information consumable and understandable for readers that are new to the text
  • The KI-CR09.2 draft - should be ok for presentation at IIW 
  • Still needs some specific information from this WG - David as Editor is unable to provide the content - it must come from WG participants
    • Consent Type: it is broken, must be addressed by the group
    • Considerations
    • Appendix A
  • Note: that the ISO work has been approved as a New Work Item - so it begins the path at the Working Draft stage this week
  • Note that User Submitted Terms has to feed into the content of the receipt
  • Consent Type
    • The text is not a description of the Consent Receipt evidence - it's a description of the nature of the process that was used to arrive at the evidence
      • This is a frequent issue with Consent type discussions
    • Would "Consent Strength" be a useful field here? Yes, but maybe not called that - some attribute indicating the process used
    • Note: when sensitive data is involved, most laws state that the consent must be explicit.
      • For non-sensitive data other notice types and consent types could be added
    • What happens when there is an implicit consent - by the action of participating becomes implicit consent
10 min
  • Discussion on IIW plans and activities

Motion: John W. circulate the 'clean' v9.2 at IIW seeking feedback and discussion.

Second: John M.

Discussion: The standalone document needs preamble for context. Who owns the responsibility for running the IIW Session? (John W.) Consider having multiple sessions for different topics. e.g. purpose lists for HIPPA from HEART WG etc.

Result: Motion carries.

10 min
  • Discussion on future structure of the WG
Andrew Hughesdeferred due to lack of time.

Action Items

  •  David Turner to seed a discussion thread on "Consent Type" field (and other areas needing WG contribution)
  • John Wunderlich to prepare to hold a session(s) at IIW to dig into sections of the v0.92 document draft
  • Mark Lizar to draft some proposal text for funding for Purpose Lists and Guidance Text
  • John Wunderlich to draft some proposal text for funding for a 'CR viewer' that might also be a conformance test tool


CR Spec publication schedule

Current: call for comments on draft spec commences

September 19Close of business (Pacific) deadline for feedback on spec draft including examples and feedback from implementers. 
September 22WG call to review CR draft structure 
September 29WG call to review CR draft and discuss items needing resolution 
October 6WG call 
October 13WG call 
October 20Candidate draft to WG. 
Decision required if the draft is sufficiently mature to base an IIW session on it.
October 27Final working session for WG (with/without IIW comments) on candidate draft 
November 3

Final draft for WG review

November 10Working group ballot - must be approved by WG on Nov 10th 
November 15Send doc to the Leadership Council. They must approve it by Nov 30. 
November 30LC Approval decision 
December 1Kantara all member ballot begins. 
January 15 2017Earliest Spec approval date