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  • 2016-09-22 Meeting Notes (Consent Receipts)
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Sep 22, 2016

Meeting notes approved: 2016-10-20 Meeting Notes (CR)



Quorum achieved


  • Review current state of Work In Progress Specification by David

Discussion Items

 Andrew Hughes as Administrative ChairAndrew Hughes
  • Suggested to commence next week.
  • Administrative Chair to focus on running meetings and admin.
  • Passed
 Specification Review@David Turner
  • Discussion about multiple definitions and how they will be resolved
  • Discussion about groupings in documents. Groupings are for humans. Maybe an ERD in Guidance for Implementors
 Next Weeks AgendaAllSplit between Document Review and Content Discussion

Action Items

  • Andrew Hughes to start as Administrative Chair next week
  • David Turner will publish a version of the draft spec for comments tomorrow. Will share Word Document with WG for those that want to do a track changes version and Google Docs (comments only).
  • Any comments or versions that David receives by Tuesday can be incorporated for next Thursday's discussion which will be incorporated in next Friday's version