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  • Sample Mode 1 Consent Receipts (Human Readable)
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(Please upload Mode 1 Consent Receipts for review and discussion

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document ConsentReceiptSample.docx Sep 05, 2016 by John Wunderlich
PNG File Screenshot Consent Receipt - Oliver Maerz Implementation Sep 07, 2016 by Oliver Maerz
Microsoft Word Document Kantara Consent Receipt JW Example.docx Sep 09, 2016 by John Wunderlich
Microsoft Word Document Personal Data Receipt - Digital Catapult Centre.docx Sep 17, 2016 by John Wunderlich
ZIP Archive Set of screenshots from Oliver Maerz Sep 24, 2016 by Oliver Maerz

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  1. Version 0.8 Sample Consent Receipts

    Page 1 of the document is a 'plain' version directly from the spec.

    Page 2 is an example of what a DPO from a corporate entity might want to do for usability and corporate branding

    Page 3 are my comments sparked by creating this sample.