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  • 2016-06-02 Meeting Minutes (Quorate)
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Jun 02, 2016


  • Harri Honoko

  • John Wunderlich

  • Colin Wallis

  • Eve Maler

  • John Murphy 

  • Mark Lizar

  • Mary Hodder


    • Discuss Iain's email on the list. 
      • There should not be a machine readable consent receipt to begin with, but machine readable should come in at a second stage
    • John said the original idea was just the data dictionary 
    • Eve suggested option C from her email thread:  we just call the notice a conformance level and a JSON conformance level 
    • Harri - Say that we need to do the whole thing with JSON or it generates fragmentation - without machine readable it does not generate digital infrastructure.. 
    • IDEA: put it all in the spec as "modes"
    • Colin Wallis - David Turner is waiting in the wings suggesting that we split the technical and the field discussions into two tracks

    Mary is Asking for a motion on way to move forward

    • We had a motion to pass this statement about development of the Consent Receipt spec:   The spec should reflect conformance modes, including a level of technical conformance with JSON mark-up for interoperability, and also a data dictionary-only mode for conformance would include the wording or clauses alone.
    • Eve made the motions
      • John made amendments
      • Mark Seconded.

      • there were no objections

  • Discuss Meeting On Thursday instead of Monday
    • Thursday call is agreed 7 am PT - 10 EST - 3pm GMT - 5pm EET
  • Discuss technical spec writer for the specification - Colin's email regarding spec writer will require a bit more money from the board and he will work toward this.
    • Mark to take examples of v0.7.9 and put into v0.7.8 - spec, as well as start to turn into google doc then share with WG for review.

    Action Items