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  • 2016-03-09 Draft Meeting Notes
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TFS Sync March 9, 2016

Draft Meeting Notes




Stuart Levy, TransUnion

Andrew Hughes, KI

Scott Shorter, Kimble & Associates

Ken Dagg, KI

Lee Aber,

Richard Wilsher, Zygma

Kolin Whitley, Experian

Adam Madlin, Symantec

Zachary, Athenahealth

Steve Smith,

Brian Dilley, Verizon

Ann West, Incommon

Peter Alterman, SAFE

Colin Wallis, KI ED

Ryan Kimble, Kimble & Associates


Ruth Puente, KI


Key discussion items:


  • It was informed that Colin Wallis has become the ED of KI and he started a week ago and moved to the UK.


  • In the IAWG Update it was reported the following ongoing work:
    • Excel version of the SAC is under IAWG consideration for approval.
    • Statement of requirements for a project to modify the SAC to become more objective/outcome oriented, which will facilitate the comparison between the TFs on various federations, enable RPs to see the risk mitigation requirements that are being met.  It also potentially allows CSPs to propose more innovative solutions on how they meet their objectives.
    • Definition of requirements on Privacy.


  • Industry comments:
  • There was concern around the issues discussed in the WDC Workshop that remain outstanding, such as a charter and efforts to bring the Federal Agencies together as a group in their role as RPs.
  • It was pointed out that without FICAM and NIST/IDESG participation on the Sync call there is little value in the call, since these programs are the main focus of the TFPs, rather than with each other.
  • The significant element of this Sync call is to congregate the industry, the TFPs, FICAM and NIST, and have an ongoing dialogue between the stakeholders and policy frameworks, to better shape the new guidelines and plan ahead.
  • In the interim period before the next call, KI, Incommon and SAFE shall draft an email to send to FICAM, indicating ways in which they think FICAM and NIST could help community-wide communications and understandings. Also, they will ask FICAM and NIST if and when they will be able to participate in the Monthly Sync calls in order to notify attendees accordingly.


Action items:


  • KI, Incommon and SAFE to work on an email to FICAM asking availability for the Monthly Sync and indicating ways in which they think FICAM and NIST could contribute to help community-wide communications and understandings.
  • Andrew Hughes to contact NIST in order to get an update on the next steps of the 800-63-2 development.