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  • 2016-02-29 MVCR Meeting: (minutes)
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Roll Call

Approve Agenda

(Note: If someone is speaking or presenting an item they should not typically be chair, so we'll need to appoint a chair while Mark presents. The chair can act as the timekeeper as well.)

Read In Minutes for Approval

Feb, 1,8, 22, (need Reading in)]

John Motion for the minutes to be approved, Iain seconds, no objections.

We  started discussion about field labels in the row and column of the header.

First order of business

  • Mark moved intro: what is a consent receipt, inter-operable and legal to the issues #17, 18, 19 (saying that issue 17 - intro  defining what the MVCR is for, is critical)
  • Iain introduced powerpoint on column and row suggestions
    •  Iain suggested that we add the explanation in the table for what information is rendered to the receipt.
  •  John added a Consent Type as a header field - Mark  created issue:
    • Issue #21 of adding one field  to the MVCR came up as a mush. "Consent Type" for the addition of implicit and explicit field.

We had a good discussion about explicit and implicit consent - John presented diagram with examples of  explicit and implicit consent.  Refereing to the practice of combing multiple consent purpose into one  implied conent.

(notes were removed from here into the github issue)

Action Item Review 

      • Mark Lizar - Update wiki with revised method for agenda creation -
      • Mark Lizar work on timeline and roadmap for v1 - and present next week
      • John WunderlichIain Henderson, Mary HodderMark Lizar  Homework - look at examples of previous specs - like Tim Berners - URI, the ICAL format, Email, etc as examlples of do's and don't for spec dev.  look at and discuss issues. .  (from respective  perspectives)
      • John WunderlichIain Henderson Mary HodderMark Lizar --> proposal for offline discussion -   if someone needs more time on an agenda item, then that person can table this issue to the next meeting, (1 week) before being discuss on the agenda

Discussion Items

4X5Min Introtabled
  • Note: adding as strawman for reference - agree that this can be moved forward offline
4X5minCR Header 
  • review table structure
  •  - discussed adding new field
Upto 5 min per fieldCR HeaderMark
  • Review Fields in table structure
 CR Header 
  • Record issues and topics -
Action Items at 9:50 Mark 

Any Other Business

Action Items

  • Action: Mark Lizar create issue in GithUb and send topic to list

  • Action: Iain Henderson short note on suggested columns to the list - i.e. descrption of rendered field in receipt

  • action: Iain Henderson short note on removing field *which field and why?

  • Action: Iain Henderson implementation feed back - please provide short summary of field descriptions

  • Action: Mark Lizar put field changes to the list prior to call next week if there are any.

  • Action John Wunderlich and Mark Lizar chat to review fields before next meeting