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  • 2016-01-18 Meeting Notes - Real Consent & MVCR Roadmap
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Jan 18, 2016



Discussed not needing an API but the format and payload of consent receipt

  • Justin mentioned that a jose? libary or a jwt generation library provides the  - Jsn, payload and the delivery of the receipt- 
  • provided over view of the real consent campaign
  • discussed purpose specification and attribute specifcaiton for next month
    • Iain of opinion we need a good list for both
    • Mark of the opnion - we need to just add the how these lists should be specified and to leave the lists to the industry groups
  • Mark to send scope of work for the Real Consent Campaign to the list.

Discussed that

See below


  1. To cover the scope of work for the Real Consent Campaign
  2. Look at the task and review contract to cover scope of work
  3. To vote on approve the scope of work


Road Map

  • Discuss consent and its next iteration - Monday 25th of Jan
  • Purpose Specification  & Attribute -  Listing protocol for the MVCR - Feb every Monday
    • call for comments or ideas on Purpose Specification (to go out next week)
  • Consent Legal spreadsheet - working sessions on completing this - March all month
  • design principles  (ISO input review) TBA - follow up wtih Nat on Use.
  • English Version COMPLETE by end of April   (workshop in April) 
  • human readable version Design (April)
  • Extending the MVCR into a consent receipt May - to finish the specification v1

Also on the cards

  • Plan Consent Workshop/Call for papers to include additional topics important to the consent receipt  (end of May 20th? October, or maybe the MyData conference in September) 
    • User Submitted Terms
    • Open Consent
    • Exceptions to Consent - Workshop
    • Transitive Consent
    •  Dynamic Consent