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  • Meeting Minutes 19 Mar 2015
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Kantara FIWG Teleconference 

Draft for Editing

Date and Time

  • Date: 19, Mar, 2015
  • Time: 13:00 PT |16:00 ET


  • John Bradley (Ping)
  • Nate Klingenstein
  • Peter Alterman

  • Rainer Hoerbe


  • Regrets
  • Colin Wallis
  • Scott Cantor


 Roll Call
         Minutes Oct 16 Approved
          Notes Jan 07
          Notes Feb 05


1 Admin

Minutes adopted, moved by Nate

2. Discuss


Discuss taking on contributions from the BCTF and TFMM.


Rainer will continue to maintain the documents.
Nate is interested in working on adding business propositions
Nate moves that we adopt the documents, seconded by Rainer.
Passed with no objections.

Nate would like to spend time on the next call discussing the business cases for multilateral federation.

3. Discussed the NZ realMe's desires to extend SAML and the overlap with Connect.


 Call ended at 60 min

Members not on the call

  • Jordan (Protiviti)
  • Mat Tebo
  • Rainer Hoerbe
  • Scott Cantor
  • Colin Wallis
  • Mike Jones
  • Nate Klingenstein
  • Peter Alterman

  • Rainer Hoerbe

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