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We Had A Great Event (Feb 8/9 2014) 

A community interested in developing personal data control came together, hacked all weekend long and initiated project hacks, to evolve the control of personal data.  The ability to control our own data is seen as an effective way to save the free internet. This event has really started something, the scale and size of this first event was remarkable.   Mary Hodder, and I (Mark Lizar) got involved exactly 30 days before the event and if it wasn't for the huge out-pouring of support such a great event could never of happened. Thank you so much everyone who got involved! With a special thanks to Judi Clark for rejoining the CISWG and helping make the San Francisco event a massive success.

We had some great visitors, one of which was a cameo of Kantara's very own Eve Maler talking about consent. (video link here)

The Three Winning projects 

  1. London - Consent Receipt Request Form - Presented by Reuben Binns & Valentino Spataro
  2. New York - Ghost DropPresented by Max Giraldo
  3. San Francisco - Privacy Visualisation - Presented by Nick Doty 

The judges are currently being invited to voting on Best of Show next week Feb 17.  Let us know which one you think is best (comment below)!

A full list of projects presented can be found on 




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