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HIAWG work is developed under the following IPR Policy: Kantara IPR Policy - Option Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

Welcome to the Healthcare Identity Assurance Work Group.

Our goal is to design, implement and test reference applications for secure access to health information.
The HIAWG Charter outlines two use cases and supporting projects to be developed:

  1. Consumers access to their health records with a standardized login system
    1. eCitizen Initial Proposal - DRAFT 2-4-2010
    2. Patient Identity Services Project (PIDS) plan v.1.0
    3. Patient ID Service Project (PIDS)    
      1. Launch: March 3, 2011
      2. Archive of Live Conference Call and WebEx Screenshare
      3. Patient Identity Service Project Overview Slides
      4. Patient ID Service Field Survey Forms
      5. Website
      6. PIDS Phase 1.0 Final Presentation
    4. PIDS Phase 1.5
      1. December 7, 2011
        1. Presentation and Discussion: HIMSS - Coalition for an Informed Patient Identity Integrity Solution
          1. Richard Hodge, Senior Director, Congressional Affairs, HIMSS
          2. Jefferey Smith, Assistant Director of Advocacy, CHIME
          3. Documents: 
            1. Background Patient Matching-Patient ID 11-17-11.docx
            2. Informed National Level Patient_ID Solution Talking Points 11-30-11.docx
      2. March, 2012
        1. NSTIC in Healthcare
          1. Short proposal submitted in response to NSTIC FFO, NSTIC in Healthcare - ecitizenfoundation.pdf
  2. Emergency workers access to critical health information during emergencies or natural disasters
  • No planning has been done on this yet.



  • Chair: Pete Palmer, MedAllies (elected August 9, 2013)
  • Vice-Chair: Andrew Hughes, ITIM Consulting (elected August 9, 2013)
  • Secretary: Open
Roles of Leadership 
  • Read the roles for Leadership
  • Dial-in Details
  • Skype: +99051000000481
  • North American Dial-In: +1-805-309-2350
  • Conference ID: 613-2898