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  • In-Person Meeting 2011 05 01 Minutes Ratified
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Meeting held  before IIW in San Francisco, CA on 1 May 2011 (all day)

  • Joe Andrieu
  • Judi Clark
  • Iain Henderson
  • Henrik Beiring
  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Mary Hodder
  • Doc Searls

No motions were made.

Information Flow Diagram:

Data Recipient

Scope*: What

Scope: How

Scope: When

Purpose: For What

Purpose: Duration

Comm Output**


Google search (traditional)


in-form data

on submit

recommend web sites

resulting web pages (no email, no pop-ups)

Google search (instant)

as you type






Google news alerts



on submit



email, other

Portable context service provider (not in the cloud)

web activity, captures and notes

as browser plug-in/web synchronization


to organize online activity, put into file

file lifetime

context view: plug-in or desktop app; file on HD

Portable context recipients

receiving PC file

update +/ sync

on submit &/or on update (ongoing)

recommending websites

session (file open)


PRFP Provider

pc file



prepare, issue, manage a PRFP; derivative works w editorial approval

window + ~


Portable Context > UI for RFP (a) > RFP > lifecycle (b)











Publish/ subscribe (web hook)


To contact me


Confirmation response in web hook

* Scope: Read/Write/Update
** Communications: output of purpose to individual


Need to get a critical group of users. What’s message to customer?
Core value: respect my data.

Master Agreement: audit and analysis, termination, no re-distribution/correlation, derivative use

Paydex comment re: derivative works: derivative with editorial approval is good pattern, derivative without my approval not good.

Six+ sided triangle:

Data Host + Data Recipient + Individual (data controller) + purpose, AND operations + policy maker + auditors

Model use cases:

  1. Single purpose, no redistribution without permission
  2. Single purpose, value added
  3. Single purpose re-distribute without permission
  4. Single purpose re-distribute without permission, value added
  5. Single purpose, Store over time, no share OR share with permission
  6. Multi-purpose, Store over time, no share OR share with permission

Transaction Options (between Sally and the data recipient):

  • value added
  • freely redistribute (permissions otherwise are part of master agreement)
  • use data: once/session/ongoing
  • read/write/update data: once/session/ongoing
  • derivative with editorial approval
  • consideration
  • statistical aggregation (statically anonymous)
  • Power of attorney/agency

Bundle of options:

  • Pattern 1: Personal RFP: pRFP, value added, read & use for lifetime of pRFP, statistical aggregation, communications via service broker
  • Pattern 2: Transit Authority: geolocation data, read & use indefinitely, no value added, no communications channel, statistical aggregation
  • Pattern 3: Road Warrior Program: geolocation data, read & use indefinitely, value added, communications channel: device specific (GPS interface)
  • Pattern 4: Usage optimization:use data, read & use indefinitely, value added (advice), communications channel: notification (SMS, email), power of attorney

Communications: Web page, email, sms, existing ad space, direct mail, inbox service (similar to craigslist) / Now (freq: daily, weekly, monthly)

(old list - do we need this list, did we incorporate everything needed in above?)

  • Sell
  • Aggregate/statistical purposes
  • Anonymize
  • Define purpose
  • Derivative work = new asset
  • Add value
  • Preferences

No redistribution language for master agreement

No redistribution of my data without express, purpose-bound permission, except to third parties who have agreed both to this agreement and to not correlate my data with data from other contexts.

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